Request to Adopt CIP Pilot

June 10, 2020
Amanda Edens
Deputy Assistant Secretary

Francis Yebesi
Acting Director, Whistleblower Protection Program

Barbara Goto
Regional Administrator

Complaint Intake Pilot (CPL-2020-12)

Region II recently adopted a Complaint Intake Pilot (Directive #CPL-2020-12), which allows all incoming complaints to be evaluated to determine if the complaints should remain in the intake phase while more information is obtained or proceed to the screening phase. If additional information is required, Complainants and/or their representatives will be contacted by letter and additional information requested. The pilot applies only to district court statutes – Section 11(c), ISCA, and AHERA.

Regions IX and X are seeking approval to participate in the similar pilot following the procedures outlined in the Region II directive. At the end of one year, an evaluation will be conducted.